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Many students who begin university usually find that activities they have done throughout their childhood such as attending dance schools have to stop once they move away to university. Many search for somewhere to continue to train whist studying. This is where university classes are very important and very popular. It allows students to continue with their extra-curricular activities whilst studying, on campus.  

It is also a great way for people who have never danced before, to give something new a go in a more relaxed environment that at a dance school.

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced dance classes in Ballet, Tap or Modern/Jazz available. Classes are 1 hour, usually in the evening after lectures are finished, however daytime classes are also available upon request.

We can work the students towards performances or run technique-based classes. We have lots of fun in these lessons by exploring new movements and being creative. Students have the opportunity to input into routines and really feel integral to the classes.

Although the classes are run professionally and with discipline, we focus on being a place to come to continue learning their art whilst letting their hair down, having some fun and letting go of the pressures that university life can bring.



We can run gym sessions in a similar way to university classes with a beginner, intermediate and advanced structure. Depending on the structure of the gym, these sessions are either PAYG or subscription based. Usually 6-weekly courses incorporating technique development, fitness and fun for adults. A different way to burn some calories and listen to some cracking tunes! Please also see our “Dancing Mummies” tab for other classes available to gymnasiums.