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Our specialist Starlite syllabus is designed for children from the age of 2 years. Its exercises and movements are sympathetic to the muscular, skeletal and emotional developments of our young students. Our Starlite dance class incorporates introductory movements to dance along with performing arts and singing. It teaches rhythms, counting and allows the students to explore their creativity.

The young students really enjoy these classes and are very capable of retaining and showing what they have learned, even at such a young age. It is very rewarding to see these little people blossom and develop their confidence during our classes!


Our Starlites may take exams which are held at a separate location should parents decide they want their children to do so. These exams are under the BATD associaton.



There are so many ways to incorporate dance into a young person’s life alongside academic education. The following dance clubs are available:

  • Breakfast Wake Up Clubs

  • Lunch Time Clubs

  • After School Clubs

  • PE Lessons

Classes can run from a term to ongoing, depending on the requirements of the school.

We incorporate the teaching of proper dance techniques within the classes. It is imperative that students learn correct technique to minimise injury and promote a good understanding of anatomy and physiology. Every class begins with a warm up and ends with a cool down with the main section of the class varying depending on what we may be working on that term. We vary the dance styles each term so students get to experience different types of dance.

Shining Stars Graduation Programme

Our graduations take place at the end of the year where the students receive a certificate and medal upon completion of each dance level. We focus on 1 level per year and the levels are age and ability led.