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Come along for your Half-Price taster session!

Classes are then paid on a rolling monthly basis or 8-weekly

New mum’s can find it hard to get back to feeling fit and energised after giving birth. With the addition of sleep deprivation and complete confusion as to ‘what am I doing!?’ you can quickly lose your confidence and sense of self.

Our Dancing Mummies sessions are women only exercise classes based on dance, led by a fully qualified dance instructor. These are fun 45 minute workouts that incorporate the cardio and conditioning techniques that dance provides. With the added release of endorphins, our ‘happy hormone’ buddies and listening to some great tunes, dance can be a fantastic way to re-energise, boost your confidence and burn off those extra ‘baby cells’ that our bodies tend to like to keep hold of!

If you are around 12-weeks post-natal and fancy a taster session, give us a call or email using the contacts page.

All classes are designed to be suitable for you to carry your little one in a sling, enabling you to have fun whilst bonding with your little one at the same time. Or if you prefer, they can play on our soft mats whilst you enjoy your session!

After every session there is the opportunity to stick around for a complimentary tea or coffee and home-made healthy power snacks. This is a great way to chat to the other mums in class, form new friendships and just enjoy being in a non-judgemental, relaxed environment!

The classes are as intense or chilled as you want to make them each week. If you need to stop to feed your little one or change them, that’s no problem. Just do what you need to and then join back in!


Don’t forget our Mummy Socials that take place a few times per year, baby free time with the other mums from all of the classes, to let your hair down, eat some good food and have a good laugh!


MONDAY 11am - Gildersome Baptist Church, Sunrise Court, Gildersome, LS27 7AN

MONDAY 2pm - Adel Quaker Meeting House, Adel, Leeds, LS16 6AZ

TUESDAY 1:30pm - St Andrew’s Church, Shaftesbury Avenue, Roundhay, LS8 1DS

WEDNESDAY 10am- The Barre Studios, Factory Street, Dudley Hill, Bradford, BD4 9NW