Our creative and fun classes are designed to introduce your little ones to the amazing world of dance and music.

Teaching the basic skills and understanding of dance and music at this young age gives your little one a head start not only in dance and music but it also teaches other skills that are so very transferable:

  • Listening

  • Teamwork and Co-operation

  • Creativity

  • Concentration


Our classes are split into 2 age ranges:

16 Months to 2 Years 4 Months (Level 1)

This class also welcomes grown up’s to come and take part too with your little one. Learning about rhythms, music genres and introductory movements for the students to master. We introduce instruments and colours to encourage teamwork and friendship.

2 Years 4 Months to 4 Years (Level "2)

A more structured class. By this age your little one is ready to come into class independently, leaving you free to chill for half an hour! They learn further dance techniques and musical understanding. Your child can also take the opportunity to take examinations at this point if you wish.These examinations are under the official governing body ‘B.A.T.D’ and there are a number of dance exams that they can take.

Our classes are designed to teach real skills in a fun environment. At this stage, we need to engage the students and spark their interest and creativity without being too serious. The opportunity to dance in a more serious way may come later if that is something that the individual child is interested in pursuing. We are able to facilitate that, just come speak to us!