Surviving Illness After Having Kids!

Surviving Illness After Having Kids!

Whether you have a had cold, tonsillitis or a nasty stomach bug, the entire experience is completely different when you have children. After recently surviving tonsillitis (which I caught from my child!) I have learned quite a few things about how to survive with a young child in tow.

They don’t care!

This sounds awful, but the reality is that young children don’t understand that you are feeling unwell, that all you want to do is sleep and feel sorry for yourself. They still have their needs and look to you to fulfil those. As a parent, it is our responsibility to ensure our children are safe and have what they need at whatever hour of the day that might be!

They are intuitive to changes in their environment!

Children are very intuitive to change, especially very young children, who can have a meltdown at the slightest change in their environment. So if mummy or daddy are feeling unwell and playing less or just not being ‘normal’, this can really change the personality of your little one, making the parenting thing even harder! You pray that your child behaves perfectly, suddenly learns how to play independently and goes to sleep with no issues so you can have an easy day - ha! sorry, but that isn’t going to happen!

You NEED a great network of helpers!

This one, I feel is the most essential part of surviving any situation but in particular when you are not feeling yourself. Grandparents, family friends, ANYONE who can help take some of the responsibility so you can have some sleep or just crash on the sofa is the most amazing feeling. By sending your beloved child off to be looked after by someone you trust, you are still managing to make sure they are receiving the love and care that they need whilst just grabbing a few hours to try get yourself better. Never underestimate the importance of having a great network of people that you trust with your child!

Just do whatever you can to get better

Remember the days before children when you would stay in your PJ’s all day, drinking Lemsip and sipping on soup. You would binge watch the entire box set of Friends and not have a second thought about what was going on at work. Ah, those were the days!

Now all you do is go to bed at night, praying that your child sleeps through ‘just this once’ so you can get a good sleep and wake up 100% better tomorrow (optimism is what we parents survive on!). Then this same thought happens the next day, and the next until you finally do feel better! The aim these days is to just feel well enough so you can just get on with it, you don’t care if you still feel a little ropey or you still have a thick head. Success now means that you have at least just enough energy to take care of your child.

Final thoughts…


So, as I have discovered these things recently, I am certainly not looking forward to the next illness, which is inevitable now I have a germ vessel living with me who shares everything! But, I did survive and the most upsetting thing about the whole time I wasn’t well, was not being able to enjoy spending time with my boy. Wanting to protect him from catching what I had and not having the energy to play I really had to rely on family during the day and his daddy on an evening after work.

My boy is now stood next to me trying to contribute to this article by reaching for the keys, laughing at me and generally getting up to mischief but at least I can now see the funny side of this and I think its time to go play…

Alison Tang