Never Feel Alone in Leeds as a New Mummy!

Becoming a mum, particularly for the first time can be life changing. Not one new mummy has the same experience as another. There are so many factors involved in how you feel after your little bundle arrives into the world; your experience during pregnancy, your labour and birth, the aftercare you receive from medical professionals and family and those blasted hormones that decide to have a party inside you!

Many mummies can be left feeling isolated, alone and unsupported, especially once the visitors and well-wishers stop coming. Sometimes it can be hard to imagine ever wanting to go out and be ‘normal’ ever again. Socialising with friends and feeling carefree?? Are you mad!!

Well, the good news is that there are so many support networks out there to help you mummies feel a little bit more normal again. Leeds has a fantastic community of groups for mummies and babies and families too! Support groups, playgroups and fitness groups to name a few!

Dancing Mummies Fitness focuses on helping you new mummies, second time or even third time mummies just get your mojo back. It doesn’t promise to build rock solid abs and buns of steel with super high intensity workouts, that’s not what we are about!


Our vision is to create a safe environment for mums to enjoy getting back into exercise and promote endorphin release without risk of injury. You can tone your body and burn calories safely over a progressive time-period. We have a laugh in class, share our weekly dramas, milestones, sleepless night frustrations and just feel like we are not alone in our struggles and our celebrations. All of our babies enjoy the class too, many kick their legs along to the music or giggle to their mummies. Some find the experience so relaxing that they fall asleep!

After every class our Dancing Mummies can enjoy a tea or coffee and lovely home-made healthy nibbles to boost our energy!


Dancing Mummies has classes in the following locations and you are welcome to come along to any session to try out for FREE before deciding to join our lovely community!

MONDAY - 2pm - Adel Quaker Meeting House

TUESDAY - 10am - Yeadon New Life Community Church Annex

TUESDAY - 1pm- St Andrews Church Hall Roundhay

WEDNESDAY - 10am - The Barre Studios, Dudley Hill, Bradford

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