Dancing Mummies Reviews - The Beck & Call, Meanwood

Dancing Mummies Reviews - The Beck & Call, Meanwood


You’ve probably gone from being a bit of a free spirit, going out for dinner and drinks whenever and wherever you fancy with your mates and family, at the drop of a hat with little planning. Someone who tries different food and drink experiences as you fancy, during the week as well as at weekends. You possibly where within the majority (lets be honest) of people who get a sinking feeling when you end up sitting near a table with children on, oh the horror! Right?

All of a sudden, you are now one of those people and find yourself struggling for somewhere to go with your new baby where you can still feel that experience of freedom in the true British way, even to a diluted degree but also feel welcome with a young child.

The Beck & Call in Meanwood advertises itself as child and dog friendly. We have been recently to see just what it has to offer…

The outside areas at the front are split into a lower grassed level with chunky wooden tables and benches with a number of these reserved for non-smoking only. The next terrace level in front of the main entrance has yet more tables and chairs and allows smoking. With this level being higher, the lower level doesn’t seem affected by the smoke at all. The areas are very clearly marked and everyone appears to follow these rules without complaint. This is great if you are wanting to enjoy a ‘pub’ experience but also wish protect your young children from any smoke.

Inside there are a number of seating areas, and a fairly decent number of high chairs available in comparison to many other pubs. Then through the rear of the pub there is yet more outside seating along with a gated play area with soft flooring, a climbing wall and a climbing frame/ tree house style play equipment. Further seating can be found here mainly occupied by families.

But babies are too small for this play area, so although the pub is ‘Child Friendly’ is it ‘Baby Friendly’?

In a nutshell, I would say ‘Yes’, although maybe a little imagination is required. If the weather is good then you’re laughing really. Find yourself a spot on the grassed area in the front of the pub and let your little one crawl or roam around. There is enough space for them to wander and entertain themselves without affecting other people around. My son finds particular interest in the bark filled plant pots, basically standing there for 10 minutes, or longer, just chatting to himself and playing in the bark. How great it would be if they replaced some bark with a little sand with spades or just added a little play pit in the front for the smaller babies to safely play (hint hint).


Inside, I have to reserve judgement until the bad weather kicks in and we are forced to stay indoors with a baby. Perhaps the pub with make the indoors a little more child-friendly when the winter comes, we will have to wait and see. Currently although children and dogs are welcome, the inside of the pub is very much laid out in a standard pub style with no real signs to demonstrate otherwise.

Overall, I have grown to love this pub very quickly. Whenever the weather is good, we are never too far away for an early evening drink or a supper. The food is really decent quality too, so you leave feeling pretty satisfied for having a really pleasant experience and a decent meal!

There are lots of different meal deal offers and beer specials on throughout the week, such as ‘buy one burger and get another for £1’ on certain days etc. so you can really enjoy yourself whilst maintaining a fairly modest budget if you just plan a little ahead.

I would recommend any families in the area who haven’t tried it yet, to pop along soon, especially during this glorious weather that we have been blessed with!