Mini Break to Barcelona - Baby Friendly Way to Travel

Mini Break to Barcelona - Baby Friendly Way to Travel

After returning from a 4 day break to Barcelona with a 14 month old, I have some vital survival tips and things to do and see there to keep baby happy and mum & dad sane!

The first thing I would have to say is NEVER go to Barcelona in August! It is so hot! Not only is the heat intense but the humidity on top of that is just too much to bear. We spent most of the daytime trying to cool and console our little one whilst literally dripping in the heat ourselves. It made for a very uncomfortable holiday and some not-so-attractive family photos!

But, onto the good stuff…

Barcelona has quite a lot to offer, with it being such a large city, you can imagine there is something for everyone really. Here are my top things to do with small children that will keep them entertained and also allow you to soak up some of the culture…

Placa de Catalunya

Basically full of pigeons! For most adults, the thought of hundreds of pigeons in one place is a bit gross and not somewhere you would want to be. But, children absolutely love it there, you can feed them or watch them flying about. It’s a real bustle of a place located just at the top of La Rambla.


The Hotel Pool

Probably the single best place for the little one! Refreshing, cooling and lots of fun. Definitely look for a hotel with a decent pool if travelling with a little one. Our boy was 100% happier every time we spent time at the pool plus it was a lot of fun for us too! You can spend a lazy morning there or come back after a hot day sightseeing to the glory of the pool before heading out in the evening for dinner.


Arc de Triomf

Not quite the one in France but the Arc de Triomf in Barcelona gives a nod to France whilst also being the entrance to a pretty cool park. There isn’t much shade down the long procession from the arc itself to the grassed area of the park, but once inside there are lots of grassed areas and trees to sit under. There is a lovely water fountain and also some stone animals dotted around the park to look at and take pictures with. Great for the kids to explore around and then grab an ice-lolly before heading off back.


The Beach

When we went to the beach it was pretty horrendous really, the beach itself was completely packed with people and there was literally nowhere to sit! Then once we did get sorted, the waves were a bit big for our little one so we didn’t stay very long at all! But, for anyone a little older who loves the beach and the crashing waves, it would be a great place to spend a morning! As we didn’t stay very long, we didn’t manage to get a photo at all!

Safety Tips!

  • Avoid being in the sun between 11:30 and 3pm, especially with a young one. It is far too hot for them. Maybe spend time in tapas bars or between the pool and under a parasol.

  • Apply tons of sun cream! P20 is a really good brand. The best sun cream I have ever used and it is safe for adults and children. You don’t need to apply as often as regular sun cream so you do feel a lot safer. Alternatively if using other creams re-apply every 2 hours on your little one’s delicate skin!

  • Keep hydrated. Little ones can lose their appetite and desire to drink fluids in high temperatures, becoming a bit sluggish and whiny. So little and often is ideal. Also sorbet, a bit of gelato or ice pops can help too. After all, holiday’s are the time to treat them aren’t they?

If you are travelling this summer then please stay safe and keep your little ones safe too. Then everyone can have fun and make lots of amazing family memories!