Let’s Build a Cardboard Castle!

Let’s Build a Cardboard Castle!

The Dancing Mummies house was at a loss as to what to do one evening this week. The weather was a bit rubbish and once the hubby was home from work, everywhere that is baby friendly was closed. So, we decided what better way to spend a fun evening in than building a castle for our boy!?


Fortunately, due to laziness we hadn’t gotten around to throwing out some boxes we had from a few recent large purchases, so we were all set to get started!



It was super easy, fairly quick to do and quite fun too! With pretty much no planning or designing we got stuck in cutting out window holes and doorways big enough for our boy to crawl through. Most people would use a good pair of sharp scissors, but we opted for a super sharp knife. It was much easier than scissors as you just stab and slice, getting a nice neat finish with no effort.


Just a word of warning though – you need to make sure you keep the knives away from little fingers and whenever you are going to cut or slice, just keep the little one away! Our boy was really keen on helping us through the process, so we had to keep an extra close eye on where his fingers were!



So far, our little cardboard castle has only 3 sections – a house, tunnel and castle with turrets, it isn’t painted, decorated or wallpapered since the boy wanted to start playing right away. Doesn’t matter though, we just leave crayons out nearby and he has started to decorate it himself. Perhaps we will add more parts to it this week, but it doesn’t matter if we don’t.


It was such a great and fun way to spend some indoor time as a family doing something that felt a little productive and creative. We will just keep it until it collapses or starts getting in the way! Until then its playtime!!