Cardboard Castle has had an Extension!

Cardboard Castle has had an Extension!

After our first instalment of our cardboard castle a few weeks ago, we didn’t think the boy would either still be playing with it or that it would have lasted so long. But we were wrong! Still playing in it and colouring it in with his chalks, we decided this week to add an extension!

So, now our castle has also got a prison - as all good castles do, and a proper entrance with bridge and archway. Again, we are not going to bother decorating it or making it ‘pretty’. The boy much prefers being able to add his own stamp to it anyway!

Again, all we needed was a sharp knife, some tape and our remaining boxes that we had saved. We didn’t measure anything or draw out a floorplan. The only consideration really was what shape we were going for. We didn’t want something taking up too much space but wanted an interesting castle for the boy to play in. So we have kept it fairly flat so it is easy to store at the side of the room but with different shaped holes to look through and a couple of different entrances and exits to keep it interesting and fun.


Now its just up to us to get the chalks out again and add some personal touches to the whole thing!

P.S - You must excuse the towel/slippers combo in the photos - we had been swimming earlier and were having a relaxed evening without the restriction of clothes!