Welcome to the World of Self-Feeding with Cutlery...

Welcome to the World of Self-Feeding with Cutlery...

You remember a few months ago when you were blending food into purees and feeding your baby? Or you were chopping things into safe sized pieces so they could self feed using their hands? It was amazing watching your little one develop and gain new skills and experience new flavours. Some flavours not as popular as others!

Now has come the time that your little one is moving onto the next stage in their feeding journey and beginning to use and be interested in using cutlery. Watching you using a knife, fork and spoon is intriguing to them and they want to do it too.

The problem is that at the start they don’t quite have the co-ordination to put spoon to mouth successfully without making a LOT of mess and not managing to actually eat much at all!

So we have been looking at some methods that will help your little one practice with their cutlery AND manage to get at least a decent amount in their mouth!

A lot of it is in the consistency of food. You might want to go back to slightly blending/ crushing certain foods a little to make them a bit more sticky and easy to scoop with a spoon. Good foods to practice with are:

Mashed Potato

Mushy Peas

Slightly Mushed Beans (Kidney Beans, Borlotti Beans etc.)

Thick Porridge/Muesli

Chopped Veg that is Gently Crushed

Tonight’s dinner in our house for the little one consisted of a slightly mushed pea, carrot, cauliflower and sprout combo with a mixed bean mush and some avocado pieces with a bit of rice. (there would also have been some pork on there too but I added hot chillies to the pork before taking some out! oops!)

Super simple to make, packed full of goodness and easy to batch away too so we have plenty for other dinners or snacks through the week!

Of course, we aren’t wanting to go back to blended foods, but this is just a helpful tip to give your little one a bit of a hand when they are getting used to using a spoon. This could easily be a ‘side dish’ to a regular meal just like any adult might have mashed potato with their food.

Even if they don’t eat it all, its experimentation for them, they are learning hand-eye co-ordination and building confidence with a spoon. Before you know it they will be away and feeding themselves easily. The challenge then is getting the spoon off them!

Happy eating everyone and keep the wet wipes nearby!!