Dancing Mummies August Class Roundup

Dancing Mummies August Class Roundup

It’s been a busy summer for Dancing Mummies as we have launched our 4th Location in Gildersome on a Monday morning (you can see class details further down!). So we wanted to just take a look back over the summer in pictures and see just how much fun we have had in class and all the new faces we have met across all of our locations!

Focusing on strengthening the muscles and toning the body after childbirth in a gently intense exercise class, we take movements from dance and adapt them to ensure that they maximise their impact on the body.

Why Dance?

Dance, especially Ballet and other classical styles such as Tap and Jazz are finely tuned styles that are designed to create a streamlined and strengthened body are massively adaptable for all body types and dance experiences. There is no need with dance exercise to have high impact movements, which after childbirth is not advisable until the body is strengthened back up anyway! Having trained in these styles for over 30 years, I am able to create a beautifully balanced exercise class that does what it aims to do. Strengthens and tones the body in a streamlined and long-term way.

At every class it is also important to have a bit of a laugh learning a dance routine each month to focus on some cardio, adding on movements each week. Our classes have been working on a couple of different dance styles this month from a bit of Black Eyed Peas to Basement Jaxx. Looking forward to finishing off the routines and working on a bit of musical theatre perhaps in September?!

Such a great place to be, I get to coo at the lovely babies and watch them grow over the months. Enjoying the music and joining in with clapping and kicking their little legs to the music. Well, that or falling sound asleep throughout the whole class!

But sometimes, its a bit of a sad day when one of our mummies has to return to work and say farewell to us. We have had to say farewell to a few of our lovely mummies and babies recently and we really miss you all! Come back to us!

If any of you are thinking that you might want to give our class a go then just get in touch with us. We offer a half price taster session for everyone who wants to come and see what our classes and our culture are all about. Out classes are in the following locations and times:

MONDAY’S 11am - Gildersome Baptist Church, Sunrise Court, LS27 7AN

MONDAY’S 2pm - Adel Quaker Meeting House, Leeds, LS16 6AZ

TUESDAY’S 1:30pm - St Andrews Church, Shaftesbury Ave, Roundhay, LS8 1DS

WEDNESDAY’S 10am - The Barre Studios, Factory Street, Bradford, BD4 9NW