Child Friendly Decoration For Your Home That Isn't Childish!

Child Friendly Decoration For Your Home That Isn't Childish!

We all know how to make a home safe for a child; baby gates, corner bumpers and cupboard door latches. These are all really essential items to ensure a safe environment for any child. But beyond these essentials, we are going to explore how to make your home still look like it did before children but also keeping it a great fun and creative space for them too.

We have handpicked a few ideas to share with you:

  • Chalkboard Wall

Let’s start with the best! The chalkboard wall is a really great way to decorate your kitchen space. Not only is it great fun for the kids drawing pictures and playing games on, but its super practical too. You can put your weekly jobs up, your shopping lists or to do lists. You can decorate your walls for parties, and change your wall as often as you like to suit your mood!

We recently threw a party and used our wall to put up the menu so everyone could see what food we had. You might be concerned that having a black or grey wall will make the room dark but it doesn’t. We have also lived in a cottage in the past and still had a chalkboard wall. It wouldn’t be the same without one and there are also lots of colour options to select from!

  • Toy Boxes

In your children’s room its nice to have cute toy boxes, maybe those wooden ones with your child’s name on and cute stickers, but in your downstairs ‘grown-up’ spaces, you can still have toys in toy boxes, but your choice of toy box can be a little more sophisticated. Wicker baskets or blanket boxes are really good sizes for storing lots of toys and books. There are all sorts of styles and colours to choose from so you are not limited at all. Find the one that suits your style the best. You could even double up a blanket box as a coffee table too so you don’t have to have too many furniture items in your space. You will be surprised at how many toys you can throw into one of these boxes.

  • Frequently Used Toys

You can’t tidy everything away, and you probably won’t want to. You do want some evidence that there are children in your home. So pick a couple of special items that are used regularly by your children and have a home for them when they are not used but keeping them accessible for when your children want to play with them. Ride-on toys and other larger items that are more difficult to hide away do need a home when not being used. A corner or behind/ under your furniture are good places.

  • Baby Friendly Flooring

If you are looking to renovate for an easy wipe clean house, many people look for a wooden floor to replace carpet. But that can be really expensive. Lino is an option, but if you are wanting the wooden floor look without the price tag, this simple solution is perfect for you. It looks just the same as a real wooden floor but is made from plywood.

Decide on the width that you want your planks to be, get your ply sheets cut to length at your DIY store and then router the edges if you are wanting that little indent between the planks. Then its a simple glue down and nail with tacks just to prevent creaking floors and then paint your desired colour. You can go dark to hide sticky marks or mess or be brave and go for a sleek light grey. This option will cost 10% of a real wood floor and you genuinely can’t tell the difference. It is wipe clean, easy to maintain and also looks great too!


So you don’t have to worry about everything changing once baby comes along. There are things that you can do to your home to make sure that your children have all they need and all you want them to have whilst maintaining an adult, more sophisticated looking living space. It can be quite overwhelming looking around your home and seeing toys and children’s items pouring out all over, but with some simple carefully thought out storage solutions and a bit of design in your decor, you can find a happy middle ground for everyone in the home.

Alison Tang