The Summer Holidays are Over - But the FUN Isn't!

The Summer Holidays are Over - But the FUN Isn't!

As the summer holidays are starting to wind down and you prepare to get the finishing things ready for your little monsters to go back to school for a new year you might have mixed feelings: Relief perhaps? A little sadness that the freedom of being out of a routine is over? Feelings somewhere in between?

But just because the kids are back at school, you are back at work and the routine is back to normal doesn’t mean that for the next 6 weeks, until October break, you have to live a boring, unexciting or uninspiring life. There are lots of things to do after school and at the weekends to keep the feeling of summer lasting a bit longer! Plus you don’t need to spend lots of money either.

Having things planned for after school is a really useful way to help kick-start the new term and give the kids something to look forward to when they get home. All children really want is to do fun things with their family. With a bit of planning, you can create a steady drip of exciting experiences for the family even during term time!

Keep it Close to Home

What can you do at home after school? This is generally the cheapest and easiest thing to do with the family. Here are some creative ideas that don’t cost the earth:

Planning meals that the kids can help with that are still fairly healthy:

DIY pizza flatbreads


Salads with their choice of items (from a list that you provide!)

Pancakes with savoury or sweet toppings

Baking is a popular one and doesn’t have to take too long then you can enjoy a little sweet treat for the rest of the week too.

Fairy cakes

Mini muffins

Rice crispy cakes


· Build a den

This might be a bit of a messy one, and you will need to emotionally prepare for your house to be turned upside down but how much fun for your kids to get home from school to the excitement of building a den and then even maybe having their tea in the den too!



This can be so much fun if you just think creatively about it. Get a really large piece of paper (those rolls of paper are a good idea and not too expensive) get lots of coloured paints, stamps, brushes and textured items. You can make a huge family piece of artwork, then even maybe cut it up into smaller pieces and turn those into:

Book cover protectors


Wall hangings

Paper flowers

A Bit Further From Home

Then moving a little further from the confines of the house, you can look at outdoor activities. There are so many free things to do before even thinking about having to pay to go places. It just takes a little thinking and effort to create a huge list of ace outdoor activities. Come rain or shine, kids love being outside so don’t let the poor weather stop you!

Go to the park

Take a football, take a Frisbee, all the good old team games are still firm favourites. If there is a play area, the kids can burn off a bit of energy and release steam running around whilst you sit and have some time with your husband, wife or other adults that you might be with. Discuss how your days were and laugh at how your crazy kids are just too funny!

Family bike ride before dinner

Make sure the kids have a snack after school, so they are re-energised, maybe they have some homework to do. Then once everyone is home from school and work, get those bikes out and go for a ride in the fresh air. Even if it is a bit rainy, get the waterproofs on and just go anyway!


Finally, try to have something planned for the weekend to give the kids something to look forward to on one of the days. You can maybe travel a little further away or arrange to meet with some friends so you can let the kids play together and the grown ups can have a bit of fun of their own!

Don’t let the fact that normality is just around the corner stop you from creating a feeling of excitement and fun. You will appreciate it too. After a rubbish day at work when all you want to do is sit on the sofa and be in a bad mood, there is nothing better than getting out with the family and just finding pure joy in the innocence of your children.

You control your free time and how to enjoy it, so do just that, take control!