Dancing Mummies Reviews - Grasshoppers Soft Play at Tong Garden Centre

Dancing Mummies Reviews - Grasshoppers Soft Play at Tong Garden Centre

The well established Tong Garden Centre based on the outskirts of Bradford has recently opened its new indoor play area to the public. Dancing Mummies went along this weekend to check it out.


Lovely and new, all the equipment is fresh and clean. The large space has lots of seating for the cafe, with high chairs and really good visibility of the play area. If you have older children, you should easily be able to see them whilst sitting back and having a coffee.

Once we had arrived we had to do a nappy change so headed off to the designated changing area. It was not what I expected, it was fabulous. Spacious, clean and plenty of changing tables. This is pretty much unheard of mostly everywhere. So I was instantly impressed. Additionally to this changing area there were other toilets for adults to use separately.


So, deciding to visit the new play area during the school holidays on a day that rained non-stop was definitely asking for trouble. It was extremely busy and extremely warm in there, especially running around after a 1 year old. It can be hard work having to keep eyes on a little one, keeping them safe, helping them out with some of the play area etc. We got very warm during our play! But this is to be expected, especially when outside was just too wet to play there.

By comparison to other play centres we have visited, the ‘baby’ area was quite large, spacious and filled with lots of different play things. My little one was having a great time with everything. He developed a little bit of an obsession with the slides of which there were 2, one small enough for him to play on himself and one that we slid down together. And this was only in the baby section too which was safely divided from the older play area.

There was a sensory corner with lights and air blowers, climbing steps, mirrors and rocking horses, all made from soft material. It would be pretty difficult to really hurt yourself in this play centre.


Pricing varies a little depending on when you go: off peak or peak time and school holidays. But if you plan to stay a couple of hours and let the kids tire themselves out, you can’t really complain. Adults don’t pay and children up to 12 months are free too. You can find all the information on their site here.

Definitely worth a visit, especially whilst it’s till super new.. Plus you can then have a wander around the garden centre that has a wonderful range of trinkets and gifts as well as an excellent fresh produce and artisan foods section towards the exit! Yum!