Baby Banana Muffins - Quick and Easy!

Baby Banana Muffins - Quick and Easy!

As a fan of quick and easy cooking and baking, I have been trying out some new simple recipes for my little boy this week that are sugar free but still yummy. I wanted to share this one with you since it has gone down a real treat in the Dancing Mummies household!

I put my baking hat on this week and came up with this little beauty of a recipe. It was very much a try it and see but all the quantities worked perfectly! (This isn’t normally the case when I decide to ‘wing it’ in the kitchen!)

What you’ll need

3 Ripe Bananas

50g Self Raising Flour

Dash of Vanilla

Heaped Tablespoon of Smooth Peanut Butter

Mush up your bananas in your mixing bowl first. I kept them fairly lumpy but you can choose your preference. This is really the only wet element so they need to be mushed up enough to absorb the flour. Then throw the rest of the ingredients in and mix well.

This recipe makes around 12 mini muffins, which, kept in the fridge should last a couple of days. Or you can freeze them for a longer shelf life. In an effort to reduce unnecessary waste, I use silicone bun cases that can be re-used.

Put into the oven for around 10 minutes on 160 fan. Then pop out of the cases and cool on a wire rack. They are pretty tasty just warm too, so maybe sneak one before they go completely cold! Here is my son shovelling one into his mouth, the lucky boy!