Babies 1st Birthday Party - Tips to Make it Extra Special!

Babies 1st Birthday Party - Low Cost Tips to Make it Extra Special!

So you have survived your first year of parenthood and want to celebrate your babies first birthday with friends and family. You can’t really spend too much money because, lets face it, you haven’t been working for a year! But you still want it to be extra special and something to remember forever!

Here are a few ideas to decorate your party space that will make your little ones birthday much more personal but won’t break the bank!


Lanterns are a fantastic way to add a burst of colour to your room, they are pretty versatile so you can hang them from the ceiling or stack them in the corner. You can add fairy lights to them or decorate with flowers. With them being so light, they wont risk damaging anything that you hang them from, just use a simple piece of string. You can section off your room using the lanterns or put them everywhere! Online auction sites have these lanterns for really minimal cost. You can buy them in various quantities and mixed sizes too. Then simply store them away for the next party. As they fold flat, they don’t take up any space.



Its not just about finding children’s decorations. Something for the grown ups too - flowers. Flowers bring so much joy to look at. You can get flowers from basically anywhere and can control how much you spend. A simple bunch of flowers on the table or kitchen worktop really brings the room to life, plus you can continue to enjoy them after the party is over. Just remember to keep the vase out of reach of little fingers!


Personalised Bunting

My personal favourite! This one requires a little personal input but you will be so impressed with the results! Find your wooden bunting piece shapes on an online auction site, select the shape and quantity you want. Then print off photos of your little one and simply cut and glue your images to the shapes. Thread ribbon through the pre-cut holes and you are done. A fabulous way to decorate your party space in a super personal way. Plus you can keep your bunting up, store it away as a memory of the day or even better…add new bunting pieces to it each year as your little one gets older. You can get it out at every birthday, saving on decorating costs in the future too!


Bubble Machine

There are so many of these cyclone bubble machines on the market these days, you can get a decent one for around £10. The kids absolutely love it - chasing the bubbles and popping them before they hit the ground. After the party you can still use it every day to entertain your little one.


Personalised Cake Topper

And finally, make your little one’s birthday cake extra special with a perspex cake topper. This one is from Not on the High Street and was £12. With it just being personalised with the birthday boy or girls name, you can get it out every year to make the cake super cool! You can choose from lots of different shapes and colours…maybe even add to your collection with a new one each year?


Hopefully we have managed to get those creative juices flowing and given you some great cost effective ideas for your little one’s birthday! Remember too that you can save all of these things and get them out again every year. Not only are these low cost ways to make your party extra special but they are also an investment for future years too!

Do you have any other ideas to help people make their little one’s birthday extra special?

Alison Tang