5 Great Baby Friendly Places in Leeds

5 Great Baby Friendly Places in Leeds

Leeds is fast becoming more and more child friendly, but for new parents who still like to go out and socialise it can be really daunting to know where you can go with your baby without feeling the dreaded disapproving stares piercing through the back of your head! We have come up with 5 great places that really make you feel welcome and comfortable to be there with your baby!

The Mustard Pot, Chapel Allerton

This pub in Chapel Allerton has lots of parking (although no baby friendly parking) so you never struggle to get parked up right outside. It is fairly easily accessible with a pushchair and there is a good number of high chairs available to use too!

The staff at The Mustard Pot are really interactive with the children and there are always lots of families around, especially on a weekend! Children are allowed in until 9pm and there are really good areas to park yourself depending on why you are there. The restaurant area, soft sofa seating, bar area and great outdoor space are all fairly easy to have a baby in tow!

Check them out here, the menu is pretty yum too!: The Mustard Pot

Trinity Kitchen

This is a great place to take babies and children of all ages. Open until 8pm daily, Trinity Kitchen has excellent facilities, plenty of high chairs, plenty of space if you have a pushchair, lots of different food options for mum and dad! There are microwaves available for you to heat up your baby food or milk and the very relaxed dining atmosphere is great. Trinity Kitchen has something for everyone and it is always changing too, so you won’t get bored with what is on offer. The changing facilities are also fantastic in the Trinity Centre so no need to change your little one on the floor in the corner of the toilets!

Check them out here: Trinity Kitchen Leeds

Golden Acre and Roundhay Park

The parks in North Leeds are really baby friendly. The grounds are well maintained and the park cafes are lovely. Super baby friendly, you will find yourself in a world of families when you enter either cafe. These are family friendly hotspots! Different to pubs and restaurants, the parks and park-side cafes are ideal places to visit on a weekend with family. Roundhay Park is always one worth keeping your eye on too as they have endless events on, usually aimed at families too! Enjoy some fresh air, feed the ducks and swans then stop off for a cappuccino and cake! Yum!

Check them out here: Golden Acre Park and Roundhay Park


Many people don’t realise that lots of cinemas offer baby-specific viewings of really great movies. So you can go to the cinema and enjoy watching the latest movie with your baby without worrying that they might cry or need a change! Everyone in the viewing is in the same position! Many cinemas offer a low cost ticket for these viewings and some even include a coffee and cake too!

Some great cinemas to look into are: Everyman, Hyde Park Picture House, Showcase

The Tetley

Great venue for all types of baby friendly events. The Tetley puts a lot of effort into providing a safe and comfortable environment for families with young children. You should keep an eye out as they are always running regular events as well as annual events for families. If you just want to go for some good food and a drink, they can also accommodate that with plenty of high chairs and space to park your pram. Their bar is pretty good too offering a large variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic options!

Check them out here: The Tetley

We would love to hear any other baby friendly places that you know of that aren’t on our list too so please get in touch and lets try make Leeds the best baby friendly city in the UK!

Alison Tang