How to Make Weekend Plans Without the Stress!

How to Make Weekend Plans Without the Stress!

Even the most optimistic of us has, by this point, accepted that summer is well and truly over. And with the clocks going back imminently, now is the time to really find new winter-ready activities. Unfortunately, this generally means more indoor activities than we would like, especially with the kids who still need to burn off all that energy!

Our idea to keep plans quick and easy whilst minimising arguments and complaints from any of the kids (or the husband or wife) is priceless. But there are some rules to adhere to and preparation required before taking those first steps down easy street.

Introducing our Rainy Day Activity Jars!

We have 2 jars in our household - one for outdoor activities and one for indoor activities.


The Rules:

  • You must involve all of the family in the planning, ensuring that the kids and partners all feel equally involved in what goes into the jars (this is crucial to minimise arguments later)

  • Have a decent number of options in each jar so you avoid repetition too often

  • Take turns to pick our of the jar, to keep it fair

  • You MUST do whatever the idea you pick out says (so only put ideas in the jars that you know you will want to do!)

Get your strips of paper or squares or whatever shape you want to use (we have used lollipop sticks that we had leftover from a party) and hand a bunch to each family member (you might want to help the younger kids out) and see what everyone comes up with! Then you either put everything in the appropriate jars or agree on which 15 or 20 ideas to go in each jar.

Then every evening or weekend that you can’t decide or agree on what to do together, you go to the appropriate jar, pick out an idea and adhere to the golden rule which is that you must do whatever it says.


As the adults, you can control what goes in the jars by any number of factors, such as:

  • Location to your home

  • Cost

  • Whether other people are allowed to be invited along etc.

It has to work for you as a family taking into account the time you have and your budget too. But this simple solution takes away the stress of trying to think of what to do every weekend and it can become something that the kids look forward to taking part in. So its a win-win really!

We hope that you give this idea a go, and adapt it to suit your own family too!