Dancing Mummies Reviews - The Tropical Butterfly House, Sheffield

Dancing Mummies Reviews - The Tropical Butterfly House, Sheffield

We took a trip to The Tropical Butterfly House in Sheffield this weekend to check it out. Without doing much research into what to expect when we got there, we were really pleasantly surprised!

Admission is as expected at £13.75 per adult, £12.50 per child and under 2’s go free. It felt a little steep when comparing the price to somewhere like Tropical World in Leeds, but once you get inside, it is so much more than just a butterfly house. Actually, I would say the butterfly house is the smallest part of the whole experience.

The whole place is set along winding country paths in a fairly small and contained area. There are farm animals and other animals to look at and learn about, a cafe and a number of different play areas for different ages. The best bit was the bird presentation where the bird handler was ever so sweet and got into character for the children. It was really lovely and engaging to watch. Even for my little boy who is still very young!

There was also a dinosaur trail around the winding paths too which was really exciting for the children. They roared and were a little bit interactive too. For such a modestly sized place, we spent a good few hours there just walking around and looking at everything.

Definitely worth a visit especially with younger children. This place really sparks the imagination and encourages excitement in their little eyes!