Oh What a 'Light' Night..!

Oh What a 'Light' Night..!

Well this weekend saw Leeds’ annual Light Night event with light inspired performances and creative artwork presented across the City Centre on Thursday and Friday. We popped down on Thursday night to check it out!

This free event had colourful and creative light shows across Leeds City Centre for us all to look at in awe and wonder. No right or wrong place to start, we began our light journey in Trinity with an aerial violin performance. “What on earth is that?” I hear you say. Well basically a super elegant young woman dressed in an LED colour light adorned white dress swinging and swaying in suspended air playing the violin! The ghost like feeling of the visual and audible experience was very captivating. Our boy was mesmerised by it as you can see in the photo below.

We then wandered up Briggate towards the Town Hall, stopping en route at a really fun activity which was ideal for the kids. Static bikes that were linked to the lights around the ‘stage’. You would cycle on the bikes as fast as you could and watch the effect that your cycling was having on the lights. This interactive activity had drawn quite a crowd and was good fun to watch! Unfortunately for our little dude, he was still jut a bit small to take part!

Wandering up onto the Headrow we were suddenly overwhelmed by just so many people. We didn’t know at first why there were SO many people, but all became clear as the light show procession sow started from the Town Hall down onto Briggate. We did our best to get a good viewpoint but unfortunately my vertically challenged body was just too short! We still managed to see glimpses of the elaborate light show costumes and creations and enjoy the music!

Once the crowds dispersed and we could get moving again, we headed to the Town Hall to experience some really clever technology and hypnotising sculptures all using light in interesting and fascinating ways. The room with the large hanging sculptures was so serene and tranquil.


Finally we made it just in time to watch the projections across Millennium Square. I must admit that I didn’t really understand the significance or meanings behind what was being projected but I enjoyed the theatre of it so I’m not so bothered that I don’t have the artistic understanding, unless anyone wants to enlighten me..?

From scary clown faces (that also reminded me of Mr Tumble!) to a dancing baby and the moon and stars, it was an enjoyable visual experience.

There were other experiences to be had across the city inside the Victoria Quarter and near the Victoria Gate entrance too but, alas, the boy was nearing bedtime so we made a quick exit off home!

It was a really nice way to spend a mid-week family evening for free out of the house. Looking forward to next year when the little one is a bit older and can really get excited about what is going on!